Best Group Training Gym in Potts Point

On the hunt to find the best gyms in Potts Point? Then look no further. Soultrain is the premier inner-city group training gymnasium.

Delivering only the finest LIFT and SWEAT style workouts to successful professional looking to simplify their health and fitness, and live a better life.

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Soultrain’s mission is simple…

At Soultrain… we aspire to inspire greatness. We inhale intention and exhale limitations. We commit to our lifts, building confidence, strength, and resilience through our discomfort. We are a fitness community striving to look, feel, and perform at our best. The rhythm and energy pushes us harder than we ever though possible. With the clanging of weights, grunts of effort, and sheen of excellence glistening we reshape our entire bodies, one LIFT and SWEAT session at a time.

Are you ready to get into the best shape of your life? Would you like help becoming your greatest version? Are you looking for the best gym near Potts Point so you can take yourself to a new level?

Then Soultrain is the gym for you.

Why Join Soultrain’s Dynamic Team Training Program?

High level coaching, world-class programming and the best boutique training facility in Potts Point makes Soultrain the number one choose for anyone looking to become the strongest, healthiest, and most athletic version of themselves – and stay that way long term.

Our dynamic team training program offers a unique mix of personal coaching in a group training environment. So you receive all the friendly competition, encouragement, and atmosphere from training with other people, but you also experience personalised programming and skill development from high level coaches up to 7 days a week. And all for less than the price of one personal training session.

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look no further!

This is what you’ve been waiting for — the training education of a lifetime! Soultrain is here to bring you Potts Point’s best team training workouts. And you get the try it risk free by registering into our free 7-day trial.

Your time to shine…

This moment is a fresh opportunity. Train hard now so you can succeed later. Register for your free 7-Day Trial today.

This moment is a fresh opportunity. Train hard now so you can succeed later. Register for your free 7-Day Trial today.