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Building the perfect posterior is a goal for many of the people who come to Soultrain looking for coaching.

Not only does a big, strong butt look great in a tight pair of jeans, but it also influences every aspect of your life: from your athletic ability to lift heavier, run faster and jump higher; to your ability prevent knee, hip and lower back injuries; to the way you look and feel when popping on that little black dress or throw on that sexy bikini.

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Why Choose Soultrain for Glute Training?

When it comes to function and aesthetics, the glutes reign supreme. And when it comes to delivering Sydney’s premier glute building program, Soultrain is number one! Over the last couple of years, we have helped thousands of members build strong, firm, peachy glutes.

It’s important to understand for most people who aren’t genetically blessed, developing and maintaining glutes can be difficult. Training them once or twice per week often isn’t enough to see any meaningful gains. It takes performing a wide variety of glute exercises and training them more frequently for the magic to start happening.

Our Lift training sessions have been split into two categories: Glute Focus and Upper Body + Quad Focus.

The Glute Focus programming incorporates glute dominant exercises 3-5 times per week. Squats and deadlifts develop the glutes, but primarily target the quads and hamstrings.

Many of our female members don’t like the physique they gain from just squatting and deadlifting, because they build thick, overdeveloped thighs which takes away from their glutes. Our specialised program incorporates multiple glute dominant exercises – such as hip thrusters – to complement the physique and to help achieve the aesthetic goals our members are looking to achieve.

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How We Can Help

At Soultrain, our professional coaches will devise a personalised strategy for you, based on your current body composition and what you are looking to achieve. From there, they will select the perfect combination of glute dominant exercises to help you achieve your body goals.

You can work towards your goals in a fun and supportive environment, where each workout is interesting and you are kept motivated.

We offer a spacious, sunlight-filled gymnasium, state-of-the-art equipment and the best coaches in Sydney. Not only that, but we also offer a 7-day FREE trial.

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Our research-driven training methods build life-changing health & body transformations. Register into your 7-Day Free Trial today.

Our research-driven training methods build life-changing health & body transformations. Register into your 7-Day Free Trial today.