Strength Training in Sydney

Soultrain delivers the best group strength training in Sydney. We run a series of world-class group strength training classes each week.

Our strength and conditioning training program has been designed to help you build a strong, lean, healthy body, which provides you with the energy and stamina needed to be at the top of your game.

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What is Strength Training?

Strength and conditioning training is also known as ‘functional training.’ In a nutshell, it is a movement based program design which increases performance, while decreasing injury potential.

What are the Benefits of Strength Training?

Great strength and conditioning programming should not just make you stronger, it should also improve your mobility, stability, power, speed, agility and endurance.

Why is Soultrain Sydney’s Number 1 Strength Training Destination?

Put simply, Soultrain’s specialist strength training coaches are the best in their field.

Soultrain is a unique mix of Group Training and Personal Coaching. We provide world-class programming, teaching only the most effective strength training exercises, so you can meet your athletic and body composition goals, or accommodate for any pre-existing injuries. But you also receive all the support, energy and friendly competition from training with other people.

At Soultrain we understand that no two people are the same. Everyone has their own unique set of goals. And that is why we work closely with each of our members to create a personalised strength training workout program to help them become the healthiest, strongest, fittest version of themselves – and stay that way for good.

  • Body Goal Specific Programming
  • Cutting-Edge Techniques
  • State-of-the-Art Equipment
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We deliver our strength training and conditioning via two different classes; LIFT and SWEAT


LIFT is our strength component to strength and conditioning training. Through our LIFT sessions we have perfected the art of team strength and physique training.

Delivering the perfect blend of training frequency, exercise selection, exercise order, volume, tempo, effort and rest periods, our intense strength training program helps you become your greatest version by getting into the best shape of your life.

Built on a combination of classic lifts (squats, deadlifts, hip thrusters, bench press etc) and advance training methods (supersets, pyramids, cluster sets etc), our LIFT sessions have been designed to help you overcome plateaus and ensure continual progress.


SWEAT is our conditioning component to strength and conditioning training. It’s 50 minutes of heart pumping, fat burning fun. These sessions are some of the most effective and challenging workouts you’ll find anywhere in the world.

The high energy team environment will push and motivate you, the programming will supercharging your athletic performance, and your sweat equity will ensure you torch unwanted body fat.

What’s Next?

If you’re looking for ‘strength training classes near me,’ look no further! We offer what is arguably the best strength training program in Sydney.

Based in Woolloomooloo, just a 10-minute walk from Sydney CBD, we service the entire CBD / Darlinghurst / Kings Cross / Surry Hills / Potts Point area.

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Put that sweat equity behind you. Build a body you’re proud of, and make the rest of your life the best of your life. Register into your 7-Day Free Trial today.

Put that sweat equity behind you. Build a body you’re proud of, and make the rest of your life the best of your life. Register into your 7-Day Free Trial today.

Personal Training

In addition to our group training sessions, we also offer strength personal training sessions. Check out our Personal Training page, or BOOK A COMPLIMENTARY SESSION WITH ONE OF OUR TRAINERS.